Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more photos

I put a couple more albums of photos up on Picassa but for some reason they wont let me link them here but if you click on the photo album then you can get to them through Picassa. They are called thru aug 13 and thru aug 15.

Being home is great for the most part. I am loving reconnecting with people and enjoying fall in Oregon. It is so beautiful here that I don't feel any lack of amazing scenery. It is fun to see it all with different eyes and a different heart.

There are some great possibilities for work out there and I am in a lucky position of waiting for good stuff to come as long as I am careful with the money I do have.

I am living at my friend Matt's house which is great. I am enjoying being in his house and getting to know him better as you do when you live with someone. We've been playing video games which I haven't really done before and I am loving it. I don't go too much for the first person shooters, though I like to watch him play them. They are so intricate that it is a lot like watching a movie as plots unfold and such. I have been playing more puzzle-type games and they are fun and frustrating and time consuming which is good for incentive to stay home for the purposes of conserving cash.

I got to spend Saturday and Sunday with some of my dearest oldest lady friends which heals my heart everytime. What a treat.

I will get to see my family this week finally and am really pleased about that.

Like I've said, if this had been the trip of a lifetime and I didn't have any plans to head back out into the world, I think homecoming would be more bittersweet, but for now, it is just mostly sweet.

I don't expect that I will write much til I'm getting ready to go again, but I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you all. I've had great experiences with people asking about stuff from the blog that I had forgotten all about and would lead to great stories. It was precisely for this reason that I was writing and I'm glad that it has been succesful.

hasta pronto,