Wednesday, January 12, 2011

catching up

Lazy lazy bones! Let's see, six weeks later. The biggest change is that I am living in a new town. It's just the one next door, but is completely different. San Pedro is a pretty big tourist town which is such a treat. I've been pretty strict with myself about living in small local towns and it is the lap of luxury to be where there are great restaurants and wifi shops and lots of English speaking. I've rented a house and slowly but surely am turning these empty rooms into a home. Some friends of mine have come down to live for a few months and are sharing it with me. It's really fun to have housemates and people to cook with and share with.

The center has been on vacation for the last month but when it starts up again I will head over there a few days a week to work with the kids. Like most aide organizations I have found, if you can manage to stay out of the politics and just focus on the people you're hanging out with then it can be pretty fun. Unfortunately for someone who is so organization minded, it is hard to not feel like you could just make it a little easier and better and to not give suggestions which nobody wants. Learning to hold my tongue until it is my own place and hoping to remember to be open to other people's thoughts and suggestions.

I am really enjoying spending lots of time with people who have been traveling the world for years and years and hear their stories and feel like I'm with people who's language I speak. Both literally and metaphorically. It has also given me lots of desire to strike out into other parts of the world. I have been so attached to South of the US because I already speak the language but hearing how easy it has been for them to get along elsewhere gives me courage. I am leaning toward an extended time in India maybe or perhaps the South Pacific islands. It will be interesting to see where the future leads.

I am looking forward to some traveling with Kent and Victoria. There are a few places in Guatemala that I would really like to see before heading out of here. I may also get the ganas (desire) up to head south to other countries in Central America for a few weeks. I have a few friends traveling through Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras right now so I look forward to hearing how those trips have gone and gain some traveler knowledge (easiest bus routes, good hostels, towns to skip etc). Guide books are awesome but never as good as this fresh fresh first hand knowledge.

Still planning on an end of April homecoming, so I look forward to seeing you all then.