Friday, October 24, 2008


So I´ve always been kind of a terrible packer. This surprises me as it seems like a sort of thing that I would know how to do, but alas, not so much. I have had lots of practice lately though.

Leaving my apartment I had to pack with the following things in mind:
-what I was going to need to live maybe forever in south america; teaching and volunteering.
-what I would need to have saved for me to be brought to south america when I find the ranch.
-two weeks in Hawaii
-five weeks of couch surfing
-two weeks of adventure vacation with mark and geoff

Then after I got back from Hawaii I had to repack so that what I would need for five weeks of couch surfing would be available to me.

Then I had to pack for
-a few more days in portland
-a two day train trip
-a day in LA
-a plane trip
-two weeks of adventure vacation with geoff and mark
-and potentially forever in south america.

I had to repack when I got here for the two week adventure vacation with mark and geoff and put the rest into storage.

Every day I repack to figure out what comes out with me for the day and what I can take back to the stuff in storage for the vacation and figure out what I accidentally packed into that stuff that I need back. Like the cord that goes from my camera to the computer so that i can download images and my external hard drive so that I have somewhere to put them.

I very much look forward to stopping someplace for a minute and not repack even for one dang day. I definitely have way too much stuff so when the guys are gone, I´ll need to go through again and figure out how much of it I can live without. Ecuador has changed it´s visa policy to only being able to stay for three months so if that isn´t work-around-able, I´ll need to get everything down into one bag and figure out which country to head to next. I was really hoping for six months or a year here to get my feet under me. But, then, this is why I´ve never had a plan and will just roll with whatever happens. There are definitely things that I will probably send back home if I´m traveling around more than living in one place.

Anyway, if it isn´t until I´m 80 damn years old, I will conquor this packing thing.

Then I look at Geoff, who is going to away from home for a month, in two different countries, mountains and jungles and beaches and a wedding and has one tiny pack and has every single thing he needs and room in the pack for a souvineir like a big ol´ mask! grrrrr. how does he do it?


  1. Geoff also has a girlfriend who is going to be bringing him some of his stuff he left behind to Mexico, hence some of the reason for his awesome packing. Enjoying the blog now that I figured out the linkee.

  2. I'm glad to hear that everything is going well so far, I look forward to seeing the pictures!