Thursday, August 13, 2009

hanging out with amy

yep, the andes are still beautiful. we took a bus ride to Quillabamba, which is in the high jungle and this was a pic from one of the hundred of amazing passes we crossed.

And while we were on the bus some lady took the all time smelliest shit on earth and left the door open and the whole bus was covering their mouths and noses and yelling to stop so we could get off and they should clean the toilet. poor lady. poorer us.

This was a really beautiful waterfall into lots of pools in a rock about forty minutes outside of Quillabamba. We hitched a ride in the back of a truck heading there. It went super fast over the gravel roads and our buts came out a little bruised, but super worth it.

you could climb a ladder up the rock to the top of the falls and some spectacular views. if you notice the orientation of the trees, this part wasn´t steep. But that´s only cause I couldn´t get a picture of the part that was steep and scary so this is a reenactment for TV.

I have probably posted a bunch of these by now, but i continue to be amazed by the Incan stonework. They apparently would pour hot bronze into the cracks and as it cooled it would pull the rocks together. or something. none of it makes any sense, but however it was done, it is incredible.

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