Tuesday, August 17, 2010

moving piles

I'm sitting here moving piles of things around in my room and on computers and hard drives and thinking about taking off.

After getting laid off I decided to simply pull my trip up to now and shorten it rather than spending all my saved money living here and then have no money to go a the allotted time. It's abrupt, but it is really working out. I am enjoying the getting ready process immensely. It's much easier this time around and spring seems like it's just around the corner and then I'll be back.

I'm flying into Cancun then bussing over to Merida and down through San Cristobal and Palenque which is one of my all time favorite ruins to this day and I've been to a bunch of them since then, so I'm excited to see it again. Then headed down to a river a bit inland from the Caribbean coast to spend some time with these folks - www.casa-guatemala.org . It seems a lot like the ranch I have in mind so I'm really interested to spend a few months hanging out there and learning what I can. My friend Kent plans to head to San Pedro on Lake Atitlan in December and my friend Matt is headed to Antigua for new year's so I will head over and check out those kids when they get there and do some visiting then see what happens. I suspect I'll head home in April so there is another nice chunk of time after visiting with those guys to do something cool.

I fly out early in the morning on the 26th and we're having a party on the evening of the 20th. Please please come. If you haven't seen an invite in some other arena, then contact me - emissjayiss@gmail.com and I'll get you info.

hasta Mexico,

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