Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm in Hawaii right now and so so so glad to be here. After finally getting rid of all my stuff and getting out of my apartment and getting it all cleaned up, my mind and emotions and heart felt like swiss cheese. So many things that I've been holding onto for so many years, attached to some emotion I was holding onto, just gone. I kept one bin and two small boxes of things, and that is all. It left so many holes. I was on the verge of tears that last night, and on the verge of tears the entire airplane ride, so exhausted - mostly emotionally. But then my plan rode the sunset into Hawaii - darkness behind us, pink and orange clouds under us and the sun setting in front of us, it was so symbolic in so many ways. Now I am here and living with my oldest lady friend and her husband and kids for 10 days. They are super wholesome. I haven't eaten white sugar or wheat or anything not organic in a week. We've been harvesting starfruit and oranges and papayas and coconuts and macadamia nuts out of the yard and going to the farmer's market for such amazing food. We just spent four days up in the mountains in a little cabin with some other folks and everyone was playing music and being so nice to each other, you know? I am so eternally grateful that my swiss cheese holes are filling up here with so much pure food and pure love and pure family. Thanks be to the stars for all my good fortune.

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