Wednesday, April 15, 2009

photos of days in the life

Mountain with a cross on it.

View from a mountain with a cross on it.

These trucks are people movers which always creeps me out. That whole truck is full of villagers - it was raining is why there is a tarp on it. It alwasy feels like a scene out of a movie with refugees fleeing somewhere when I see people getting in or out. When I was living on the third floor I would watch them go by from the balconey and just be astounded at it.

Guys painting the three story building where I lived. With paintbrushes on sticks and ladders made out of sticks and bailing wire. That is not an exageration. (I wish I could remember how to spell.) At one point they were standing on an awning after climbing out my window painting and talking about how dangerous it was but not not doing it, just talking about it.

Up on the mountain with a cross. The woman next to me is Noemi´s mom whom I live with now. I am going to have to figure out her name at some point though it feels a little late to ask. That happens to me a lot and I hate it. Guys in the municipal building where I teach english that I talk to every day. Don´t know their names. No way to ask now. sigh.
My head happens to be blocking the floggings. dang.

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  1. do what i do and ask them how to spell their name, then you aren't letting em know you forgot to ask or just forgot.