Saturday, April 25, 2009


Let´s see, I tried to write a post yesterday and felt like I had lots to say but I couldn´t get the internet to work properly and today when it is working I can´t think of anything to write about.

A couple of people have asked me why coming home and why not stay indefinitely. Mostly because the places I can find to work means that I would have to live in a city. boooo. I don´t want to do that. I prefer being in Ollantaytambo and there is no place here that has money to pay me to teach. I´m sure I could pick up a job at a hotel or bartending, but the reality is that the people who live here have such a hard time finding work that I would hate to take a job that they could have. Maybe when high season comes on Noemi and Roger´s bar will need an extra person to help and I would do that since I live with them and all. So I am living on savings and since I have a plane ticket home already paid for in October which is just about when my money will run out, it seems like it makes sense to take it. Then I will head home and try to find a job and save up some money again and head down to Central America. Of course these are all speculations and anything could change at any moment. Just thought I´d give the rational.

Tomorrow is my birthday and today some of my students came by my house and brought me a homemade cake. Cake is very hard to make as there are no ovens as we think of them and only big clay ovens where you make a fire - very hard to regulate cake baking. So everyone always just buys a cake if there is need for one so I was very touched that they went through the effort of homemaking one for me. I am going to head to the Quechua Blues Bar tomorrow evening after a long walk (the bar noemi and roger own) to meet with some friends and have some beers. I think the disco is open on Sundays these days so we might head there as well. I´m sure a fun birthday will ensue whatever happens.

Also special love to Todd who shares tomorrow with me, I couldn´t ask for a better birthday buddy in all the world.

Happy spring! Love you,

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  1. Love you Maryjane. Birthday buddies share an unbreakable bond that gives us special friend powers. Wonder birthday buddy powers activate...shape of a wonderful person.