Friday, May 1, 2009

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For the last four or five days I haven´t been able to sign in to post a blog - sorry. I had some photos ready but just realized that I inadvertantly overwrote them last night so will have to post tomorrow. I am trying to sign into skype so I can make phone calls but it just keeps telling me something is wrong so I will have to try with my credit card instead of my debit card tomorrow. shouldn´t this be easier?

Life is grand. I had a lovely birthday evening then the school in Tanccac had a little party for me on Tuesday which was grand. Every single of 74 kids came and put confetti in my hair and gave me a hug and a kiss. It´s amazing how affectionate kids are here. They don´t have enough TVs or money to get into the one-up game that kids at home are beginning earlier and earlier. Their lives are still hard, domestic violence and alchoholism are a huge problem here so their first instinct when they get mad is to hit each other but somehow it doesn´t make them angry kids. Just sweet kids whose only solution when frustrated is to punch someone. It´s strange. But I enjoy the loving and affectionate nature of them.

I was hoping to make it to the jungle this weekend for a big dance festival but wasn´t able to after all. Some friends of mine are dancing so we tried to work it out that I could go with them but there weren´t enough seats in the car. Also it is a very non-touristy event and the villages are trying to mostly keep it that way. So when I asked if I could just go there on my own and meet up with them I was told that ummmmm I don´t think there are hotels and ummm not really any way to get there and ummmm well, i´ll get back to you. That´s cool, I respect that they need some things that are their own without strangers gawking but I really wanted to see sunrise to sunset dancing with all locals in the jungle. Some other trip maybe.

The big four day festival in Ollantaytambo is in only a few weeks now. Everyone is very excited about it and preparations are beginning. Also many many dance troups and everyone is sewing costumes and practicing all the time. I´ve been hearing about this since I first came in February so I am really excited to see it all. It means I will have to eat Cuy again - yuck - but maybe I can inadvertantly feed one of the million dogs. Mel will be coming the day after the festival ends, but I´ve been assured that it will still go a little and on the 8th there is a local bull fight and such so we will still get some Ollantay festivaling in.

I will try to get skype worked out tomorrow and call those of you that are expecting calls - well overdue for calls.

Love you,

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