Thursday, May 7, 2009


These are some of the boys at the school in Tanccac doing one of the native dances. So so so fun, man. It makes me really excited to see the dances at the festival at the end of the month.

Some kids at school during my birthday celebration - that´s what the confetti is all about. Look at those eyes. He was upset and crying so I asked if he wanted to see a picture of himself to distract him but his eyes still look so so sad.

My birthday with Guillermo. We drank in the bar then brought beers back to my place and drank and went on midnight adventures to find more beer a few times until the sun was up and the stores were open and then it was no longer entertaining to try to find beer. We do this about once a week. We´re getting good at knowing where the hidden spots are to get beer and cigaretts at four a.m.

One of the people I live with is a five year old named Mauricio and his preschool class had a parade last week and this is a picture of them.

Sunday sunday sunday soccer. There are soccer games at the stadium all day on Sundays so we often wander down at some point and watch for a while.

I´ll post more photos soon. love you all!

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