Tuesday, July 21, 2009

got some time to waste???

new photos! but there are a mountain of them this time - many of the festival (senor de choquekilka) and others. I have linked to a folder called thru june 4 but if you go to the picasa site there is another folder called more thru june 4 and there is the rest of them. maybe someday i will get around to labeling them. but it takes a long time and is frustrating on such slow connections.

All is well, Amy comes August 6 and I can´t wait to see her. We will play for a while and then I will take off to travel and she will begin school. I´m trying to get in all the things I´ve been meaning to do in Ollantay but thought I would have more than enough time for. Time is so tricky, isn´t it?

Yesterday I went to a fish hatchery but mostly it was a walk into the mountains up above Urubamba and we wandered around Urubamba and just had a nice day exploring another town. I often go to the market there but not much else so it was fun to wander around. I think that tonight I will go have some beers with Guillermo as it has been a very long time. I miss having someone to go day drinking with. Wandering around with a couple of beers and seeing where the day takes us. Mariko! Mel! come back! Amy! hurry and get here!

Hope you´re having great days.

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