Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In other news, strikes continue in Peru.

Strikes continue today. Today it is teachers and transportation. I have classes this afternoon but am thinking of canceling as I will not likely ever get the chance to strike as a teacher again. Or I might just be being lazy. I will have to decide that in the next couple of hours. I have been taking walks with Andres but other than that, not doing a whole lot. The billiards bar across the street was in full swing all night last night so I didn´t sleep very well. I got up late and have been wandering around town but there isn´t much going on because of the strike. This week the government approved military and police force against striking workers which makes me once again glad to be living in this small town where the focus of the strikes isn´t. Geoff just informed me that it is 12:34:56 on 07/08/09 so I´m going to have to celebrate that with a beer. Also I am not really enjoying teaching those classes anymore. The class of kids are snotty and not grateful and I find myself wanting to kick them in the shins and with the adults, I only ever have 4-6 students and they are always different so I can´t really get anywhere with them anyway. I have been really thinking a lot about whether to just cancel my classes. I can always give private lessons when I want to, but for now it just doesn´t feel worth it. Maybe if I cancel my community center classes I can teach at another school or two during the week and have it seem more useful. Just brain dumping here.
Other than that it is another beautiful day in the Andes and I think I will go climb Pinkuylluna.

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