Saturday, October 3, 2009

aaaah. made it.

Made it to Canoa! Pretty easily actually. I only had to wait an hour and a half in Trujillo for a bus to Piura. I was thinking of staying in Piura for a night but as the bus pulled into town we watched a lady get mugged in bright daylight with people around and nobody helped her so I thought maybe I wouldn´t stay there after all. Luckily, the bus station that I was catching the next bus from was across the street from where we landed and I only had to wait two hours for the bus to Guayaquil. Border crossing was totally uneventful and while the bus got stopped and luggage searched a couple of times by Ecuadorian police, they didn´t bother my bags and everything was fine. Got to Guayaquil at six AM and I definitely thought I would stay a night there but when I went to buy a ticket for a bus out the next morning it turned out that a bus was going all the way direct to San Vicente, leaving in six minutes so I just went and got on it. Got to San Vicente just in time to catch the bus to Canoa that was driving by. So I arrived in Canoa in record time. Tired of bus rides, but nothing that a swim in the ocean and an ice cold beer didn´t fix really quickly.

It is great to see Elizabeth and Mauricio again and find the pace of this sleepy little beach town. I have been swimming in the ocean and reading lots and drinking some beers and a piƱa colada or two. Just as it should be. I think I will go and do a sea kayaking cave tour tomorrow or monday. Maybe a paragliding trip. It´s money I don´t really have, but being toward the end of this trip I feel more like ¨fuck it, when will i have another chance? It´s only money, and that can be earned¨ than I did before. We´ll see. I might just lay on the beach for a week as well.

So here I am safe and sound.
love you,

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