Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lots of bus rides to paradise with ice cold beer

Oi. Im still in Huaraz - probably my favorite Peruvian city so far. It's really great here and I would definitely like to come back and spend some time.

Im headed out tonight for Trujillo then to Piura. From Piura the bus will cross the border and arrive in Guyaquil, Ecuador. From there I will take a bus to the coast somewhere then head up the coast to Bahia, cross the bay to Manta and take the bus to Canoa. I am going to try to do this as quickly as possibe and am not sure I will be on the internet again until I get there and I expect that to be around the 4th of october.

Canoa has warm ocean, white sands, lovely friends and ice cold beer. aaaaah.

I can't believe how quickly I will be headed home. How quickly and slowly time has gone. It really is funny like that, isn't it? I'm trying to use the word curious instead of nervous about being back. I am looking forward to seeing what job I end up with and what it all will look like. Because I plan to be back home to save up money to head back out I think it feels easier than some folks who are kind of freaked out that the trip of their lifetime is over and they are going to go back home forever and get trapped into a life. Whether I choose to stay in Oregon or head to other parts unknown, it at least doesn't feel like a trap. I love having embraced the idea of no set plan and being able to head in the direction that seems like it makes the best sense at the time instead of being trapped in any shoulds.

Hopes for home - I would like to get a job with a philanthropic organization to learn about the grant process from the inside. I figure if I work for the people giving away the money, when the time comes to ask for money then I will have a better chance at it.

I want to take some community college courses in useful things. Small engine mechanics, electricity, plumbing, gardening. I don't have to be an expert at any of these things, but a basic understanding will be helpful on the ranch.

I want to find a studio that does Aikedo. Or find someone who practices that would like to teach me. And at least find some books and do some research. The little that I learned with Matt a year and a half ago has stayed with me and helped form a lot of the way I am trying to walk through the world so I would like to dig deeper into that study.

I want to take advantage of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world by doing lots of hiking and all the cool things. Approach Portland as I've approached these other places and reap as much of it as I can.

Welcome some new souls to the world and hug lots and lots of the ones that have been here a while.

There are my intentions for the next year or so at home.

See some of you in a few weeks, some of you in a month.

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