Saturday, September 26, 2009

best laid plans

whew. this bit of traveling has been decidedly unpredicted!!!

We were told we could leave Pisco in the morning for Huacavelica so we got up at the butt crack and went to the station but it was a lie and the bus didn´t leave until 7:30pm so we went to Chaco on the coast to spend the day. We ended up meeting an Alaskan named Joe and day drinking all day. Walked down to the Hilton and drank overpriced beers but it was fun. Finally got onto the bus and it was so super uncomfortable and I started having spectacular back issues for the first time since Ecuador and Rebecca was sick and vomiting and making the bus stop so she could have diarreah. Such a bad ride. Finally got to Huancavelica at about 5am and it was raining and we went everywhere to find a room and finally collapse but they are having a festival and there were no rooms so we walked to the train station - taking the train out was the reason we were there in the first place - but the train is not running right now for maintenance. So we ended up catching a cab back to the bus station and waiting a few hours for a bus to Huancayo. Arrived at Huancayo and decided to go to the hostal that had a sauna cause we both really needed that and we got lost and finally got there and the sauna was busted. of course. Spent the night in Huancayo but too pooped to explore. Watched bad TV on the cable instead. (so so good) Got up and I got a 2pm bus to Huanuco and Rebecca waited for the 9pm to Ayacucho. I got here and got my room and planned on leaving in the morning for Huaraz but even though there is a road from here to there on the map, no bus seems to drive it. Not sure yet what I will do next. I think this is a classic case of being attached to a plan. Should have abandoned it days ago!

But I am pleased to find out that I am not upset or unhappy about any of it. It may not be the exploration I had in mind, but it is still exploring and the Andes are still beautiful and people are still nice. I will write again soon - from where, who knows????

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