Monday, September 28, 2009

and they said it couldn't be done.

I made it to Huaraz!!!!! I had to go to a little town called La Union and spend the night then take a combi to Huallanca then a bus to Huaraz, but I did it. Poo to the people who said you couldn't get here from there. Liars, the bunch of them.

This bus ride was probably the most spectacular I've been on yet. Astonishing. I am at a great hostal here that is very comfortable and lovely. There is a terrace on the roof that I have only seen the views of the city in the dark from, but I expect that the mountains are spectacular. I had the greatest of luck by being completely randomly put in a room with a girl that I met in Pisco. I love the universe a little extra sometimes. Tomorrow we are going on a walk to a lake. About three hours each way and meant to be really beautiful. I've been on so many busses for so many days that I am really really looking forward to a nice long day of walking. My back has started hurting from always having the bad luck of being sitting on top of the back wheels so the bumps are extra special for me. I think moving around will be great for it.

I expect to leave here on Wednesday and have to seriously bust ass to get up to Canoa and spend some time on the beach. I may as well come home tanned and relaxed, yeah?

Love you, I will keep touching in about where I am heading next just in case.

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