Tuesday, September 15, 2009

still in pisco getting dirty --

So I will write for a while with the frustrating keyboard. I am working at a great place in Pisco. There was a huge earthquake a couple of years ago and te whole town was flattened and is trying to rebuild. Disaster relief is hard enough to come by in an easier country to navigate, but when much of the population is illiterate and most of the politicians are corrupt, you have a whole new game on your hands. First an org called First Hands On Disaster Relief (I think) was here and they handed off to a Burning Man offshoot called Burners Without Borders which handed off to an org they created called Pisco Sin Fronteras. Some of the BWB folks are still working with them. So the profile for aide is if people have their materials, we use our tools and manpower to dig trenches, pour concrete, build walls, roofs, whatever is useful. We also have a thing called the miracle fund where we can help out folks not even able to get some concrete together or some thatch for a wall or a roof. I have never seen a group of people work so hard. Leveling mountains to build, hand mixing concrete, unbelievable. There is even a guy here making a machine to make biodiesel for our trucks which I have been working on the last few days. With so little drama and so much hard work, it is a pleasure to be here. And how appreciative the people here are - as opposed to Cusco area where they are so over run with volunteers it has become more problem than help.

I dont have much time to write but wanted to at least check in. I am changing my travel plans and will stay at least through the middle of next week instead of leaving here the middle of this week like I thought. That means missing the middle mountains, but feels so worth it.

The website is www.piscosinfronteras.org and there is a button to donate through paypal to help out and I really encourage you to go and give them ten bucks. If you were sitting next to them in the bar you would buy any of them a beer. I will check in again soon. Love you! Just another month!

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