Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tomorrow it begins

I'm excited to get to casa guatemala tomorrow and see how everything is. I have been given the assigment of my group - 7-12 year old girls. That should be fun. I think I would have probably chosen younger kids if I had been given a list but I think this will be fun. Old enough to teach cards to. And read longer books to. I'm hoping that Rio Dulce town has a book store so that I can get some. I would like to introduce reading a chapter before bed each night. I think it will help with my Spanish reading skills which are actually pretty poor and hopefully will be fun for them. Maybe we can take turns. I am just so curious about what it will be like.

It sounds like I will overlap with the volunteer on her way out for a day or two so can get some tips and tricks I hope.

The bugs are pretty bad but I'm not minding them as much as I was afraid I would. The only ones that really get me are bottle flies. I am really allergic to them. Anytime I get bitten an area of about 5 square inches swells up and gets really really itchy. I know it's them because they leave an orange-ish spot where the bite is and then I know that a few aweful days are coming. I'm hoping that I will start to develop some immunity to them.

So a couple of hours up the river tomorrow and the new chapter begins.

Traveling has been good. I definitely haven't liked Punta Gorda or Livingston as much as the other places I've been. They have an unfortunate combination for sure. Port towns are always a little dodgy. Border towns are always a little dodgy. Add tourists to that mix and everything comes out a little extra dodgy. Everyone knows they will never see you again so they better get what they can while you're here so you just have to keep a little extra watch. It isn't bad by any stretch, but I'm just as glad to head out in the morning.

I don't know what the internet situation will be at casa guatemala but hopefully I'll be able to check in again soon.


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