Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, since last I wrote, I've decided to go to Ecuador instead of Mexico. This may change again. It may change a few times. But I'm more excited about going again than I've been in a long long time and that feels great. Cause it's my hot reality and I can do what I want! Amazing how much different it feels. When this whole thing started I wanted to be in South America, then I planned myself right out of it and into Mexico. Thank goodness I realized that the dream isn't Mexico, even if there are reasons that it makes more sense. The dream is South America, and that is where I'm getting my juice from. It feels exactly like it did when I first decided to do the trip at all. So right. Glad to have been paying attention to that.

But what else have I done?

I got the first of the hep A shots. My mom was able to do it so I didn't have to pay for the office visits. And I learned a trick about shots. If you let the alcohol dry, they don't hurt. The sting is from the alcohol getting in as the needle pricks the skin. I was also skeptical. Until the shot didn't hurt. At all. Cool trick.

I haven't heard back from my uncle yet about the questions for him, I'll report in when I do.

I made a list of things to put up on my wall at work to try to tick off as I go.

I emailed a friend of the family who has been a non-profit CFO for many years to set up a meeting (any excuse to expense cocktails) to discuss starting the process of my non-profit now so that when I'm ready, the paperwork is all in place and I just have to start the grant writing. That will be good to have started.

I contacted the sister of a friend who just got back from teaching in Ecuador and we are going to have coffee in early April as she is very busy right now.

A potential opportunity has come up for making some serious cash in September and October before I go so I will continue to look into that as a possibility. I can certainly go on what cash I will have, but it wouldn't hurt to have some more.

So now it's down to lists and check marks. And I am ecstatic again. Just beside myself. I really had a few weeks where I was unsure of what I was doing or why I wanted to do it or whether I was really going to or not. I suspected that it was part of the phase, but I was starting to be nervous about it. Now, I feel unstoppable again. It's pretty amazing.

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