Wednesday, March 5, 2008

but what am I DOING?

It is just getting on time to start doing stuff! It's very exciting.

I have an appointment to get the first of my Hep A shots next week as you need to get them 6 months apart for total coverage and when we went to Costa Rica I was lazy and never got the second shot. Which was stupid because it would have been free. Now I have to pay again. Grrrr. So now I have to get the first one again and then the second. I'll get the other shots I need along with the second round of Hep A in six months.

I am in contact with the online TEFL certification course and will hopefully start that in April. I don't want to wait too long because then it will be summer and I wont want to do things that require me to be inside on the computer. They don't write me back as often as I would like them to and it is good yoga to remember that they live on a different time frame and one week here and a few days there isn't going to hurt me any. And to look forward to living in that time frame. I can't wait to live somewhere that is built around doing things when you get around to them. That works for me. It works so very well.

I ripped all my CDs into my computer over the last month or so and just realized that I inadvertently ripped them at the lowest quality so now I have to rip them all again. sigh. I will probably get my external hard drive first though because I don't think they will fit at the larger size. So I'm getting ready to write that check next week even though originally I was going to wait til I was closer to leaving.

I bought portable travel speakers on line and am waiting for them to get here to see how they will work out.

I will ask for some money toward the camera I want for my birthday and be able to purchase that soon.

I have been researching different places and towns in Mexico so that when it is time to decide where to go and teach after the internship in Guadalajara I will have a better idea of what I want. I am leaning toward interior colonial towns but am committed to staying open to the best option. The upside to deciding before I go would be to have a better idea of what to pack. The interior towns tend to be in the mountains and a little chillier than one would usually think of Mexico as being.

The to-do lists are so long and I am afraid that I will think I have plenty of time and then find that suddenly I don't have any more time and really really need to get a bunch of stuff done. Then I will want to kick my own butt for not doing more sooner. But here I am at sooner and looking at the list and thinking, I can't do any of that yet. Balance.

I love this. I love producing my own life. What great practice the last ten years have been.

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