Monday, February 25, 2008


There seem to be a lot of vs. in my world right now.

Today it is planning vs. being prepared.

Reading, researching, budgeting, praying, cleaning house, selling items, buying items, packing and repacking in my head, all of this in preparation.

Doing my very very best to keep the planning to a minimum. Trust that I will find the next best thing as it comes to me and being conscious of losing not-yet-known opportunities by putting too many plans in place. Plenty of hopes, plenty of would-likes and visions. Just not too much that is solid.

So when people ask me what my plan is, they are rarely satisfied. With much love and with my best interest in heart, they share their fears that I have not researched this properly and are afraid that I am not well prepared. I try to thank them for the help and concern and smile to myself knowing that I am exactly on track. I am the only one who has to trust my ability to do this in my own way.

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