Monday, February 2, 2009

AAAAH. Monday.

Back at the "Policia" this week but not at the school. It is just way too much to do both. I was running out of patience for the kids at the school by the end of the day. This way I get to work 9-12:30 and then have all afternoon off which is nice. Waiting around to go to school at 3:00 is kind of hard and you just feel like you´ve wasted your day.

I will now begin the job of looking for a job as well. Now that I have afternoons off and pretty guaranteed that schedule if I want it, I can start to find something. I am thinking of offering massages here at the hostal for volunteers for a good rate. Also because this is such a tourist town, there must be opportunities for someone bilingual and it is time to start searching them out.

I am feeling really good about being here. I am feeling like a lot of the stuff I wanted to change up and reconnect with in my own soul is happening. So much of the trip was trying to reconnect with a person in me that I was losing. Someone less cynical and more willing to help. More open to people and loving and sweet. I was really starting to spend so much time drinking and partying and being "cool" that I was starting to suck. So, I am feeling like a lot of that is turning around for me here. Being nice to people just because I can be and having that rewarded and reciprocated is pretty amazing. And to be doing that with kids feels really good.

There was a baby at the policia today who was 18 days old. Imagine. Abandoned and I´m sure she wont be there much more than a day til they can find her an orphanage, but it was pretty incredible. And the toughest, smartass boy there today was going through all the clothing looking for something small enough for her to wear and was being so sweet. Then he would turn around and snarl at someone for catching him being sweet. I am really growing to appreciate these kids so much.


  1. Such a fascinating example of how just a little love & tenderness can make all the difference in these kids. Makes you figure that, had they had some from the beginning, they wouldn't have ended up there.

    xoxoxo, MJ!

  2. Your experiences never cease to amaze me. On so many levels I have so much to learn from you and the example you are setting of reconnecting with your soulf. Sometimes I have these conversations with myself that go something like, "Remember that girl Amy that used to hang out here (in my head)...she was pretty cool...wonder whatever happened to her."

    Thanks for reminding me that it can be done. Love you!