Friday, February 20, 2009

Machu Picchu 4

But, then you make it to the top. Finally. Jeez. Just about five minutes after we made it to the top and set out a blanket and were eating some food, the fog started to lift. You could watch it roll up the mountains, which was amazing itself. Then we could see Machu Picchu spread out below us. And the thing is, that is the least of the view. Being able to see all of the mountains all around was just as impressive. So here is the photo that you take when you get to the top of Wana Picchu.

And I felt really really proud of myself. That I made it up all the way and it felt good.

On the left, you can see the zig zag of the bus route up and what you walk up - there are stairs, but jeez. It´s a long way, no wonder Fernando didn´t come up Wana Picchu with us. It was also his fifth trip or so to Machu Picchu and he had done it before. I think it´s one of those hikes you do once, just so you never have to do it again.


Raquel. Not close to the edge.

Perfectly, she didn´t really have much trouble climbing up but was deathly afraid of going back down, so she proposed that she cary the backpack up the mountain if I would cary it back down. YOU GOT IT!

Here is Wana Picchu from below. It is a dang good thing that it was fogged over and we couldn´t see what we were getting into, I would never have even tried. It was a great experience of realizing that the story I have been telling myself isn´t true anymore. The person who left the US would not have been able to climb that, but I have dropped a bunch of pounds and done a lot of exercize and now I can. It makes me much more confident to try things that I was afraid to before. That was/is a really neat feeling.

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