Saturday, March 14, 2009

dando vueltas

Gathering things to move into a place has been really fun.

Yesterday I went mattress shopping, this morning I went to the furniture street. Kind of an alley next to the train tracks in a whole different part of town I've never been to where people are selling furniture. It's about a half mile long and I had to buy one piece and then ask the lady if I could leave it there and bring more pieces as I bought them so they would be safe then back and forth buying things. "I like these stools but I don't know if they fit with my table, can I take one of them to find out?" Leave a deposit, walk to the other end of the row with a stool to sit at a table I'm thinking of buying, yes, it fits. I'll take the table. Wait, I can't carry both. I will come back for the table, don't sell it. Take the stool back to the stool lady, carry two of them to the holding place, go get the table since it's closer, carry it to the holding place, go get the other stools. Wait a minute, I like that night stand. How much? Make me a good price. Okay, I'll take it but I have to come back for it, don't sell it. No, you must take it now or I will sell it. Okay, can I leave the stools here while I carry the table? Great, I'll be right back.

and on and on and on.

Then find a cab that can carry all the pieces. Hire a boy to watch the pieces on the street as I carry them from the holding place to the street to get a cab. Only a station wagon will work and he knows it and charges me more than double but there is nothing to be done but pay it. Unload the furniture at the hostel.

Then to buy blankets and pay for the mattress and pillows and sheets.

I am now getting the last of my stuff ready and staged at the door to be ready for the truck that will take me to Ollantaytambo.

But first I have to go to some special place to rent it. They will want to charge me a hundred soles but I shouldn't pay more than seventy. This is easier said than done, especially since he has to come to the hostel to pick up all my stuff and furniture then to the bed store to get the mattresses.

I was meant to have help with all of this stuff but it fell through so I've been doing it alone and while it would be easier with help, it is gratifying to be able to navigate it all.

We'll see if I say the same when I finally get to Ollantaytambo and hopefully my amigo will be there to help me unload and up three flights of stairs. We'll see!

I will finally be living in South America. Not staying with friends or staying in hostels. I am very excited about this. And unpacking into a new space is one of my favorite things in the world. So.


  1. I love reading/seeing what you are up to. Have fun arranging your new home!

  2. Yes, there is something wonderful about greeting your new apartment, the walls that will be your refuge. Setting up the table where you will drink your morning coffee, hanging a picture, making your bed... this is yours. I will raise a glass at your housewarming party, if only from several thousand miles. xoxoxo

  3. Thanks guys, yes, it has been fantastic and I find myself just sitting in my home doing nothing much but sitting there and listening to music and reveling in that it is mine.

  4. I think your loft is adorable. Reminds me of my place on Kerby here in Portland. Hugs MJ.