Monday, March 23, 2009

some pic updates

Laura and Jules up in the ruins

same ruins from a little further away - you can just make out Laura standing in the lower right corner

When I head out to sit by the creek, this is one of my spots.

I´m pretty sure there are mules for this. I have seen them.

oooops! forgot this one. Some friends in a ruin in Urubamba. Left to Right - Ilipio, Nico, Daniel and some boy in the street that decided to join us. Daniel is a guide so it was great to have his insight. Ilipio and Nico and another cousin Ronnie are becoming fun parts of my daily life and we might have shared a bottle of rum last night playing cards in my house but it can´t be proven.

oh yeah, speaking of my house. terrible news! the landlord told me today that he rented the whole house to someone and I have to leave by April 15. But I figure if I found that place in one day I shouldn´t (knock on wood) have too much trouble finding somewhere else I love in a month.

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