Friday, December 5, 2008

a day in the life.

I can tell I´m aclimating to Ecuador because I am finding less to write about. Things that struck me as really odd just a couple of weeks ago, seem really normal now.
I´m back in Quito and it is so noisy and full of people and cars and cold and the altitude has gotten to me this time. What a difference! It´s nice to see Phil and Ruby and we went out and had some breakfast this morning, then wandered around til i found the ipod store but they had just closed so I headed back home in time for delicous fish lunch.
I´m headed out on a Chiva tonight with a friend I met in Canoa. Chivas are open air busses with music blaring and drinking and driving all around the city causing general chaos. Sounds a little like burning man, so that will be fun. It´s nice to have someone here to meet up with and go out together.
I´ve sent an email off to the woman in Canoa and I look forward to hearing back from her to see if it might work out to head there. If not, it has given me much better idea of what it is like to go spend time in a smaller town and try to get something working out.
The migs are flying overhead for the festivals, which seems to happen for most festivals, though Cuenca was the most impressive probably. A pair would buzz the city every 7 minutes or so all day. At first here, I thought it was lightening.
Well, I´m off to pick up some laundry and watch a movie with Phil before heading out. Hope all is great with you.

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  1. When I started wandering, travelling, I loved the changes and challenges. I'd move on from every place in a week or so, or maybe longer, but never staying anywhere for more than two months. I finally got burnt out, but it took years and years! Now, at sixty years old, I just want to stay home and putter.

    Have fun and be careful, but not fearful. I'm enjoying your blog, keep it up. And remember, where ever you are, there you are!