Monday, December 22, 2008


I was watching local Ecuador news last night and the blizzards in Oregon and Washington made news here. I was impressed. I got some photos from Geoff. Wow. I wish I could be there on the one hand, but I´m glad to be in flip flops on the other.

Sorry it´s been so long since I´ve written, I´ve been laid up in bed with a back ache. I sneezed on Friday morning, and nothing has been the same since. I really could not get out of bed for a couple of days and accepted all the weird injections and pills they made me take. I can at least get out of bed now, but things are still pretty bad. I´m going to a doctor this afternoon, though I´m not sure what the doctor will be able to do for me. For now I am just doing what they tell me. I spend a lot of time in bed watching Ecuadorian TV which is probably actually helping my spanish. Especially things like the Flintstones overdubbed. And Knightrider. I´ve watched my share of Knightrider over the last couple of days.

Sadly, because of my back, we missed the big fun party in Riobamba - no music and dancing for me. The universe reminding me that it doesn´t much matter what my plans are, I will do as I need to from minute to minute. Also a good reminder about mindfulness. When you have to stop and really think about shifting in your chair, it slows everything down a few steps. I appreciate the reminder, but am tired of the pain and Ecuadorian TV.

Love you all much, stay warm in all the snow.


  1. It's more snow than I really know what to do with. YAY Snow.

    Sorry you have a backache, those suck hard. I know.


  2. I injured three discs once, anyone who hasn't had back pain just has no idea how bad it is, I'm so sorry in your behalf!

    Something that helped me was two or three sofa cushions under my knees/feet, the squared kind. Like, you're laying flat on your back, but with your legs at supported at right angles, like you're sitting in a straightbacked chair. This takes the pressure off your spine.

    At least your Spanish is helped! You have too many English speaking folks to talk to. Next time, live with locals who speak no English, I did that in Brasil. I knew a little French, and after six weeks, I could almost talk to people in Portuguese.

    Yes, the USA is starting their winter with a bang. It's colder than usual here, too.

    OK, get better quick, my prayers are with you.