Thursday, December 11, 2008

finally some new photos!

I don´t know who made this stencile, but they should probably be getting commision, I haven´t been to a town yet that it wasn´t somewhere.

I knew that Bromeads grow everywhere, but this seems a little excessive, even for here.

This is a stream I sat by for a while today. A couple of hours I bet, it was sure nice. Had a little feeling of home if I didn´t look up and see the crazy jungle foliage and didn´t think about it being warm on my feet instead of snow runoff. Amazing what running water can do for a person´s soul.

This bull is HUGE. And, he´s tied up with a little rope over his horns, which is typical here. I usually see it as I´m going by on the bus so I was glad for the chance to take a photo this time. I left as he was starting to get interested in what I was.

I am in Mindo right now, which is just a sweet little cloud forest town and went to the butterfly farm that Ruby´s family runs. It was really neat to see so many types of butterflies. I learned something today though. When you are going to visit a butterfly farm, don´t put bug spray on. In retrospect, it seems like the kind of thing a person (me) might have thought through. Too bad it only seems to work on the butterflies and not on the mosquitos.

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