Monday, December 1, 2008

hey all you smart people!

So, all you smart people. Have one of you invented a virtual reality player and recorder yet? It would be so much better if I could just send the experiences themselves sometimes. Last night was the 401st anniversary of Canoa and the whole town was out dancing in the streets until dawn. Okay, I left at dawn, and there were still plenty plenty of people dancing their asses off. It was so so so fun. It´s been nice to be here for a week and meeting people. I might have a chance to work at the hostel to trade for lodging so I´m going to talk with her more about that today and see what else I might be able to make happen. There are more people trying to make a living than there are people with money to spend, so you have to kind of get lucky. But, I usually have pretty good luck, so maybe I can make something happen. And then I could volunteer at the local school. Thinking as I´m typing. Hard to leave small beach towns full of nice people.
love you all.
and, really, get on the virtual reality machine. much better than photos.

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  1. Currently we are in R&D of the HugFax 3000™, but still in beta stage. After hearing your report, though, we may refocus our efforts onto the Viajera Loca™ (Bootyshake Edition), which there appears to be a market for there.