Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am still enjoying Cusco, as I expect to. There is a weekly meeting on Friday nights for all volunteers with the director of the program, and that was interesting. Things are as disorganized as you would kind of expect them to be and my producer brain is working overtime. There were so many things that I was seeing in only two days that I have ideas about how to make better. But I will wait another week at least and try to set a coffee date with the director. Its no good to just walk in and say how to make it better.

I have made a couple of friends here that I am really enjoying. A girl from Minnesota is my new room mate and we get along really well. Also she plays guitar and sings and writes songs, so I am thrilled to have that as part of my daily life again. Also a guy named Dave from Australia. We all went to the market yesterday and have been cooking together and really get along well, its nice to have friends again. This evening we are going looking for a pool table.

I havent figured out the phone card thing yet, though to be fair, I haven´t spent much time trying, but when I do, I will start making some calls home. I will also find my camera cord soon and get some photos up. It just feels so good to be settling in to a life here that I haven´t felt like doing proper internet time.

It is really cold here. And its summer. I am thinking of going to buy another blanket for my bed. The heating system is a ceramic holder thing with a tin can inside that you put gas into and light. It makes me feel aweful and after the first day, we haven´t used it. So, more blankets. I cant imagine how it will be in the winter if this is summer. brrrrrrr.

Love to you all,

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  1. Yay, I am happy to hear you are meeting good people! It sounds like you are settling in nicely :)