Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i finally made it out of canoa! that was a close one. that town is like a venus fly trap.

i was going to head out last night, but then my kryptonite came walking down the road. a tall, good looking texan with a cowboy hat and a guitar. uh oh.

he was going to play a show last night at one of the bars but there didn´t end up being amplification so i teased and cajoled him into playing out front and some local kids joined in playing percussion and a guy from columbia showed up with another guitar. It was so great. They played for hours and hours and hours. two more songs. the music itself wasn´t spectacular, but i have been missing live music sooo much. especially some honky tonk and it just put such a smile on my face. i wouldn´t leave my spot. at all. it was great.

i should never have to go three months without live music again.

so now i am in the port town of bahia, waiting for my 10pm bus to Quito. as i was riding the small boat across the bay this afternoon i realized that i am really getting more comfortable and used to traveling. there are still moments of "what have i done?" or moments when you feel a bit worried but realize that the time to have been smarter was about five minutes ago when you made your decision and now you´re going to have to roll with it one way or the other. it´s nice to be feeling that way. especially a few days before heading down to peru by myself.

no, i haven´t forgotten how to capitalize letters, this keyboard is just either all caps or all small letters and i chose small letters. it occurs to me that there might be a word for letters that aren´t capitals (capitols? shit, i can´t spell anymore either. i´m in trouble), but i can´t remember it right now.

so that´s the news for today. a few days in quito and onto a bus saturday night. once you´ve decided to do something and made a plan, the waiting is hard.

love to you all,


  1. Lower case. Or, lowercase. Also I love you. or, iloveyou.

  2. Oh girl, didn't you just describe the universal kryptonite? I think so. Miss you!

  3. You do manage to find beautiful men with guitars a lot, don't you? What a wonderful experience...though I will stay away from the 'claw', thanks :)

  4. Bring on the CLAW!!!!!!! you can totally have the cowboys

  5. You got it! Cowboys for me, CLAW for you!