Thursday, January 15, 2009

PURCHASED: one ticket to lima, peru

exit Saturday at 6:45pm, arrive mid-moring on Monday. Spend a couple of days, then catch a flight to Cusco. I´m very excited.

Here are some photos of Canoa.

I´ve been waiting for photos to load for almost an hour. I´m bored of the internet. I´ll wait a little longer, but may just try again later.

I give up. I´ll try later. I´m off to run errands and finish chores and pack my bag and all of those things. Hopefully bag packing will be easier as I´ve been getting rid of things, but I still have too much stuff and it´s still too hard to decide. I´m going to try to live with the one thing I absolutely know is that it sucks to travel with too much stuff so try to really make myself not pack my bags until they are stuffed. I´m skeptical, but optimistic.

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