Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cause people are asking...

here is the address to where I am staying.

Aldea Yanapay
attn: Maryjane Hoadley
534 Calle Fierro
Cusco, Peru

If anyone wants to send stuff either for me or the kids. Any kinds of office supplies are useful, paper, tape, pens, pencils, etc. Tempura paint, markers, coloring books, things to play outside games, small balls, jump ropes, costume stuff, balloons. All sorts of things. Stuff is hard to buy down here even if there were plenty of money, which there also isn´t.

As to me, I would LOVE a pair of long underwear. It is already uncomfortably cold here, especially at night, and it is summer. I think that winter just might be miserable. (There is no inside heat here so as cold as it is outside is as cold as it is inside.) I bought a hot water bottle yesterday to put at my feet at night. Also books in English are always in great demand. Or, if no care package, then a postcard or note just to say hi is always super appreciated.

Don´t send anything of much value as there is no guarantee that anything will get through.
Also don´t feel like you need to send anything, people have just been asking for the address so I thought he would be the easiest place to post it.


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