Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fiestas de Canoa

Well, another beautiful day on the beach. Today begins "Las fiestas de Canoa". This morning there was a surf competition followed by a run - 5-10K depending on your class. Except they forgot to not organize them for the same time so the runners had to wait until the end of the surf competion and so began running close to 11:00 and it is SO HOT! Bummer for them.
Tonight is a big dance and tomorrow is a parade and then another dance. Fun. I didn´t even know that I would be here for the party.
I have a more interesting post to put up later, but I need to make some phone calls first.
love you all, hope your long weekend is being super great.
I´m going swimming. In the ocean. The warm ocean. And probably get a sunburn cause my sunscreen will wear off.

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