Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Gas is subsidised here so no matter what happens, it stays at these prices. Even so, I would never drive in this country. They are crazy. Also, not one of them can parallel park. Every single time, there is someone outside of the car to help them and they go forward and back at least a dozen times. That is my next million dollar idea, parallel parking classes in Ecuador.

One of the promotions that we´ve seen a couple of times is to hire an artist to paint photos with the bar or the liquor or whatever in it and then they give them away through some sort of raffel system or something to the patrons. Interesting idea.

This is scaffolding. No thanks!

This is one of my favorite photos. They often use broken bottles as security on top of the concrete walls. In many ways it is really beautiful and much nicer than the razor wire they use other places. And a much better use of something there is already plenty of instead of buying something new. And very effective.

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