Thursday, November 6, 2008


So here we are back in Quito. Geoff leaves super duper early in the morning tomorrow and then I will have to come up with some sort of plan. The SAE, which will be my main resource will not be open again until Monday so I'll just find a hostel that I like and hunker down a little for the weekend. Maybe I'll move over the mariscol which is in new town but the other district where there are lots of hostels and things to do. That will also be closer to Amanda's folks and we're going to try to get together tomorrow.

I will be trying to figure out if I can change my plane ticket, and looking for some volunteer opportunities, and finishing up my TEFL (teaching english) certificate and figuring out if the new law that says I can stay in Ecuador for only three months then have to leave the country for six months is being enforced or not.

So, still lots of things to figure out, but I have a much better idea about how it all seems to work and some areas that I really loved and some areas that I will pull teeth before I go back to, which was the point of having Mark and Geoff on vacation with me.

All in all, I am pleased so far with my leap. The Spanish is coming back pretty well, although as I use it more and more, my English is suffering. As my brain is doing more and more of "I don´t know the name for it, but it is a machine that you put paper in and it puts words with ink¨ instead of "typewriter" then I find myself working that way in English as well. Sometimes I flat can´t figure out what I´m trying to say in either language and it´s pretty entertaining.

Love you all, I´ll write again soon.


  1. I love reading of your adventure, MJ. Keep it coming.

    Portland is rainy as any November should be... lots of beautiful leaves turning and squirrels madly excavating. We also have fewer jaguars.

  2. i remember meeting this austrailian guy in Sao Paulo, and he was asking about six flags (yes it was a weird conversation) and i couldnt remember "ferriswheel" in enlgish, and of course i hadnt learned it in portuguese... so i just said "you know, that big circle that spins in the sky?" hahahaha... language will make you say the funniest things.. enjoy it