Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, sunday, sunday

A beautiful morning in Quito. Really stunning. I´m going to head out for a walk in a little bit to see if I can see some mountains from a higher vantage point. They really hide.

We were going to head to Mindo last night or today to see if Ruby´s friend needs some help in his hotel in exchange for room and board, but she called him last night and he doesn´t, unfortunately. That´s okay, there are still some more places to try and I think that in the next couple of days I will just pack up and head out to Guayaquil and the coast and see what I can rustle up. I didn´t want to work in a hotel or something like that at first, but now I just want to be settled somewhere for a little while and not have to repack everyday and have something to do everyday, even if it´s hostal registration. Funny how your "what I want" list changes as time goes by.

Yesterday, Phil and I took a walk to look at the US embassy - it is HUGE and looks like a fortress, the security is very, umm, prominent. And I guess that it goes for at least a few floors undergroung. More secure than the presidential palace. Kind of strange looking in the middle of a bunch of pretty mellow stuff.

On the walk we stopped for a drink called Avena, which he said is made from oatmeal, but it tasted exactly like liquid tapioca without the tapioca balls. It was delicious. I definitely limit my sweets here as it would be easy to eat nothing but, all day long. The food leaves a little to be desired as far as flavor goes - not a country that believes in hot sauce or spice. I don´t even love hot sauce, but usually I wish there were something on the table to liven it up a bit. But, they sure do believe in sugar. I got a desert the other night, it was kind of a chocolate brownie with ice cream and when they brought it to me, they also brought the jar of sugar. You know, just in case. I guess. Even so, my clothes are fitting looser and looser already, so I guess eating good food and excersize does work. huh. who knew. ;-)

So, I think I´ll head back to the house and get out the guidebook and see what kind of thing looks good to do today. I have more photos but forgot the cord so I´ll get some more up soon.


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