Saturday, November 1, 2008

great graffiti

So one of the things we´ve noticed here is the graffiti. Most of it is politcal which is interesting. Much of it has had to do with the election of a new constitution a few weeks ago which gives universal health care and guaranteed public education along with giving the environment human rights. Many graffitis have just said SI! -meaning vote yes. "vote with your five senses" - one of my favorites was "god will always forgive you, we will forgive you sometimes, but nature will never forgive you. don't litter."
One article I read interviewed someone who does graffiti and he was saying that when you want to share your ideas, it's really the only way. You could publish a magazine that no one would read, or you could buy airtime which no one would listen to, or you can put your poetry on a wall for everyone to see all the time. It is definitely a different attitude.

and some are just super fun, like the photo here.

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  1. when i was in Brazil, the graffiti amazed me... the messages behind some of the most simple looking works of art can really blow your mind