Monday, November 24, 2008


this is a jagur. and they are very big and would like to eat your finger for a snack. perhaps you could just reach through and give him a little scratch?

this spider is as big as my hand stretched out. and there seems to be more security around the spider than around the jaguar. probably getting bitten by it is a bad idea.

Hi! I am an alpaca. I´m super cute and I make really soft yarn. Would you like to take me home?

I am not so cute. Okay, well, I am actually pretty cute. This is a huge raptor called "Aguila Monera" which means monkey catcher. And you can see him thinking that you are not so different from a monkey and perhaps you should just come a wee bit closer for a little look. This bird has about an eight foot wingspan, but in the area next door, is a South American Condor which is nearly extint and has a wingspan of almost fourteen feet. That bird is so big, it´s hard to even comprehend it. wow. I´m glad to have gotten to see it, for it is almost gone from this world.

more pics below!


  1. Mish and I nearly hijacked a baby alpaca at Last Thursday one time. The birds sound kinda scary, yikes.

    You still in Quito?

  2. they are the cutest, aren´t they? i will have some on the ranch. and the kids will ride them around with little saddles.