Monday, November 24, 2008

more pis.

This is one tigrillo, a small tiger. yep, really that close, you are very much able to stick your fingers, or if you´re a small child, your arm in that cage. There are signs that say "these animals can kill you, be careful." Don´t get dead!

We went to the zoo yesterday, it was really good. I was enchanted with the huge turtles! They are really something, and you can pet them if they happen to walk close enough to the edge, which some of them did. Makes me think I have to figure out a way to afford to go to the Galapagos.

You know how in the supermarket you can get samples of food on Saturdays? Well, much to my delight, in this supermarket, you can have samples of rum and coke! My favorite thing about shopping is now free booze. Of course, the bottle only cost $6.63, but still...

Me on the roof at night. I head up there to smoke sometimes, and to look out over the city and think about the world. It is one of my favorite places. It was the same in Mexico. On my ranch, we will have roofs to climb up on and hang out. And hammocks on the roof.

Wheelchairs, South American style!

Most wheelchairs are normal, these are just at the arboretum, but they cracked me up.


  1. Hello from Portland!

    That wheelchair design was a project by a guy who wanted make a wheelchair cheap enough for third world countries to be able to afford them: - that's the first one I've seen a photo I've seen "in the wild"

  2. That wheelchair is pretty ingenious. Anyone can make one! Many uses I can foresee.

  3. Awesome! yes, i thought, brilliant! please pass along to him that there has been a sighting!