Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, here I am. It is hard to post from the computer at the hostel because the keyboard is sticky and some letters don´t like to go and some letters type three or four random letters with each keystroke. And then each time I hit the back key to correct something, it thinks I am trying to close the page. Oh, the things we take for granted, like keyboards that work.
I went yesterday to meet Amanda´s dad.
Also it thinks that I want to leave the page with each lower case "a" that is typed and goes to all caps each time I hit the shift key. yikes!
that´s it. I´m going to go try to find an internet shop. I´d rather pay the $.80 an hour if I can find one.


  1. I can send you one, or eight. Remember the stacks of them at work, lol. Brandimore so much as dropped muffin crumbs and BAM, he got a new one! j/k

  2. And to think, I had to spill yellow curry on mine. ;-)