Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I wrote a nice long update last night on my computer and put it onto a thumbdrive to put on line today but it´s written in Open Office which is not loaded on this machine so I will have to go back to the hostel and copy it over into a text document so that I can open it and copy/paste. I have faith that this learning curve will even out as I play with these things more.
I´ve had a great couple of days in Quito, getting the hang of the city and getting settled into how it goes. Starting this weekend I´m going to go spend a few days or a week with Amanda´s family and that will be nice. I will hope to use that time to get my TEFL finished up so that at least if I choose to do some English teaching it will be more of an option.
At first I kind of hated this city, but now that I´m getting the hang of it, I´m liking it better and better. It´s still hard to get the hang of the Spanish keyboards as just enough is different to make it interesting, but it´s good.
For now I will throw a couple of pictures up to keep you all entertained. love.

1. more ways to get dead.

2. remember the decorated cows in Portland a few years ago? Well, they have decorated bulls on display right now. There are probably 30 or so.

3. Even in Ecuador, they love Texas. There are a number of restaurants and hotels that reference Texas, which makes me happy.

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